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Wellness Spotlight

See what the folks at Texas Mutual had to say about wellness in the workplace

Ed, Senior Manager of Benefits and Compensation

I am a competitive swimmer, and so I swim every day. Last year, I swam over 600 miles. I try to lead my fellow employees into being fit by example because I believe in wellness and the beneficial effect it has on workers’ comp claims. Texas Mutual helps me and my fellow employees by providing a flexible schedule. They also provide incentives to encourage participation in wellness activities and they give a great discount on health insurance for anyone who participates in our wellness program.

Danny, Systems Engineer

For wellness, I cycle and run primarily... I also swim. I started training three times a week for the Texas Mutual MS150 team and I run three times per week with friends. Texas Mutual helps me stay fit by encouraging group activities like the Austin Heart Walk. We log our activity and they reward us with prizes to encourage us and show how much we’ve done and the progress we’ve made.

Teresa, Senior Process Analyst

I do a lot of things to stay healthy. I actually just took up biking because I participated in the MS150—Texas Mutual sponsored a team this year. I also do yoga, a fit camp and kickboxing. Texas Mutual has an onsite gym that’s free to all the employees, which I use—as well as a boot camp and Zumba—which I love. When we participate in an activity, we can post our wellness points to win gifts and incentives—Texas Mutual makes it easy to go out there and exercise.

Tasha, Senior Manager of Accounting

I love to run and I work out on a regular basis at a local gym and the fitness center resources here at Texas Mutual. I also take advantage of several of our fitness classes and I teach Boot Camp here twice a week to a very consistent group of about 12 to 15 people. I’m very happy to work for a company that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Shila, Senior Systems Analyst

I consider myself a gym rat and am at the gym six days a week, so I do a lot of things. I lift weights, I do cardio, Pilates, boot camp, a little bit of everything. Texas Mutual is great because they offer Pilates, yoga and boot camp on site, which I fully take advantage of. Texas Mutual also provides a cafeteria, which is great because it’s on-site, and it has an amazing salad bar with a lot of variety, fresh vegetables and lean protein. There’s also a healthy choice option that changes every day, so it prevents me from going out and eating bad at restaurants, and it’s just two floors up.