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Dividends Spotlight

Refinery Terminal Fire Company team in front of fire engine

Refinery Terminal Fire Company, a non-profit emergency response organization headquartered in Corpus Christi, has been a Texas Mutual Safety Award recipient for the past seven years. We’re proud to have paid RTFC their portion of this year’s record $225 million dividend. In this video, Callen Hight, assistant fire chief/safety officer, explains how the company uses their dividend from Texas Mutual to purchase safety gear, enhance the company’s safety program, and protect employees working in hazardous situations.

Callen Hight, assistant fire chief/safety officer for Refinery Terminal Fire Company, discusses how Texas Mutual’s dividend program helps keep their people safe.

While we can’t guarantee dividends every year, Texas Mutual Insurance Company has returned more than $2.5 billion to safety-conscious policyholder owners since 1999.