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3 Tips for a Healthier, Safer You

We spend a lot of time on this blog promoting emergency preparedness, safe driving and other tips for avoiding common workplace injuries. Now, we’re switching gears and discussing an often-overlooked aspect of safety: health and wellness.

What’s in it for you?

The potential benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle include weight loss, reduced stress, improved self-image, and lower risk of heart disease and other preventable illnesses. Wellness and workplace safety are also strongly connected. Healthy, fit employees tend to be less prone to certain types of workplace injuries, including strains. And when healthy employees do get injured, they often recover and return to the team faster.

Wellness is a lifestyle

Wellness is a lifestyle rooted in choices we make every day, on and off the job. Of course, meetings, conference calls and deadlines also demand our attention. So how do we work wellness into our daily grind? Here are three general workplace tips to help you on your journey to a healthier, safer you.*

Eat right:

Get moving:

Manage your mood:

*Consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Celebrate Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, a time for employers and employees to partner toward making wellness part of their company culture. For more information, visit www.healthandfitnessmonth.com.

Wellness is a lifestyle rooted in choices we make every day.