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Why Safety Pays at Texas Mutual

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This Month’s Safety Video:
Lockout/Tagout: Controlling Hazardous Energy

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7 Tips for
Working Out Fatigue

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Why Wellness Matters

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Did You Know?

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Top Accidents in Manufacturing & How to Prevent Them

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Top Accidents in Construction & How to Prevent Them

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Top Accidents in Oil & Gas & How to Prevent Them

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The Toolbox

How to Launch a Safety Program

With our Workplace Safety Guide, your business is just 3 steps away from a better safety record.

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:60 Seconds To Safe Driving – with Woody Hill

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This six-part series examines the major causes of accidents and how to avoid them. One-minute episodes cover distracted driving, speeding, road rage, seatbelt use and driver fatigue.
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While we can’t guarantee dividends every year, Texas Mutual Insurance Company has returned $1.8 billion to safety-conscious policyholder owners since 1999.